Estimated rate increases from the California Public Utilities Commission

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Estimated increase in 2014


Estimated increase in 2015


Estimated increase in 2016

Cumulative increase over 3 years


4.84 billion dollars


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What is the Core Gas Aggregation program?

Are you aware of your natural gas options? At PG&E, you can continue to get your gas from us or you can sign up for an optional service known as Core Gas Aggregation Service (CGAS). CGAS allows you to purchase gas for your home or business directly from third-party gas suppliers known as Core Transport Agents (CTAs). Customers are not required to sign up with a CTA and can continue to receive natural gas from PG&E—it’s your choice. PG&E will continue to transport and deliver gas to your home or business with the same high level of safety, reliability and service that we provide to all of our customers regardless of which gas supplier you choose.

Source :  PG&E WEBSITE


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